Monday, August 9, 2010

30 Journals 30 Days & Me

Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio had been interviewing well-known art journalers 30 Journals 30 days~ Connie asked other art journalers to share their own interviews on their blogs in order to widen the reach of the project beyond the 30 featured artists. A big Thank you to Connie for inspiring!

--How long have you been Art Journaling?
It has been about one & a half years, but a year of almost daily. I took a class from Paulette Insall & Suzi Blu that jump started my journaling. I was searching for a way to get back to my art and my creative self.

--How has Art Journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?
Art journaling has allowed me to refocus my life and put attention to my creative calling this is what I wanted to put back into my life, but until the loss of my mom I hadn't done that. It was always "someday." But after her unexpected stroke & death it made me reevaluate my purpose. Since then journaling has given me healing, seeing my art grow, allowed me to experiment with technique and color, practice drawing, write and create daily. It has also allowed me to do pages and not worry about making mistakes or having to like everything I create. From those pages I learn from them or the process and often push myself to see if I can change a page into something that I like. Often I use journal pages I like for a starting point for some canvas or art work or on wood. On my blog I started a weekly Sunday post with free journal prompts. I was inspired to give back to my art journaling friends and followers. I recently added Mr. Linky for those who want to share their journal work from those prompts~ I welcome all levels to share. Journaling along with blogging has allowed me to connect with people from all over and build friendships and a sense of belonging in the art & journaling community.

Detail Guide Me Buddah Journal Pages

--What are a few of your favorite Art Journaling materials to use?
I love using different size journals from mole skine to larger mixed media by Canson.
(The mixed media journals allows me to use more paint, texture and collage elements as they can absorb more moisture. ) My favorite materials are acrylic paint, prisma pencils,collage/ magazine elements, ephemera, I could go on. I love Matte Medium and Molding Paste.

--Who are some of your favorite Art Journalers?

Anahata Katkin
Teesha Moore
Kelly Kilmer
Geninne Zatkis
Mary Freeman
Too many to list~

Journal Pe Body

--What kind words of encouragement would you say to an Art Journal newbie?
Don't get overwhelmed when starting out by comparing what you are creating to what someone online or otherwise is creating. Start creating and watch your journal art /journal writing grow and evolve. Take a class online or at a local collage. Visit blogs, look at books, You Tube and Flickr sharing sites for inspiration but remain true to your own voice as you are creating and give yourself time to grow. Experiment and play~

Journal Page Spiritual body

--Where can we contact you...give us some link LOVE!!

My blog's * your here now!
Facebook & Facebook Fan Page
Networked blogs
Flickr Journal Pages Set

You'll find me at some ning sites and other places to view see my resource page at the top of the blog. I also have a journal page video from 09 at the bottom of the blog if you wish to view it~

Creative Courage

--Short Bio.
I am a believer in making your dreams come true even if the journey down the path isn't the way you planned things and people sometimes don't take you seriously or understand. I try not to worry how long it will take for my dreams to come true, as I try to live and build on those dreams daily~It all started with me taking a leap of faith. Rebuilding my life with art. I love nature and when things are hard for me I take time out to go outdoors, feel the wind and sun on my face and watch natures blessings. My favorite places are the beach or mountains by a river. Nature is where I love to regroup. I love mixed media art, art journaling, photography, crafts and scrapbooking. I love learning any type of art and am always up for new challenges~
I cherish my family, friends and my online communities & friends~

Imagine Peace


  1. I really enjoyed this post, I am drawn to the 2nd to last journal page especially, it's quite incredible!

  2. Dear Theresa, Great post! Thank you for sharing about your artistic life and inspirations. I really enjoyed learning more about you. Your journal pages are really lovely. I especially love the one with the flower. I hope you're having a great week! :)


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