Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Loves Big and Small

Seeing a daughter become a beautiful bride and the other daughter a flower girl~
Seeing the joy on Sam's face while she is playing in the spa at night~
Admiring rock sculptures in Sausalito CA.
Capturing nature through my screen door!
Watching our cat explore nature in the late afternoon~
Watching Sammie becoming fearless in her swimming~
and seeing her learn to dive~
Small pieces moving across the board with thought, Sammie competitive already and determined to win~

This week's "Simply Sunday" journal prompt for you is capturing some of your "Summer Loves Big and Small." I have taken some photographs to inspire a journal page based on this journal prompt. I am not sure if I will use image transfers or just chronicle a list with a colorful background and images from elsewhere. I promise to post it when I have created it! These last few weeks prior to school starting are going to be spontaneous for us. One of my daughter's (Jen) called and had some unexpected time off and wanted us to meet her and catch up prior to us being locked down until school holidays. (its a 5 hour drive, uk) So I am writing this early, packing my bags and off for a weeks journey. Who knows what it will bring but isn't that half the fun! I hope that you will be inspired to reflect on what things inspired you or are inspiring you this summer whether they are big or small and journal them! Or chronicle some of the summer loves with photographs and create a blog post. Link up your work right here so we can all see it! Until next week I hope you are able to keep your Sunday Simple and enjoy all it holds for you~
"The essence of pleasure is spontaneity" Germaine Greer


  1. Beautiful bride! Beautiful flower girl! What a lovely family you have! Love the photos, especially the one with your kitty and the sun rays coming through trees and across the body - great shot! Have a wonderful time on your trip

  2. What beautiful girls!! Congrats!! Loved all the photos you've shared!!


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