Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Autumn / Halloween Inspiration Link up~

Halloween WitchWarm days, crisp evening and the winds of change are upon us. Leaves rustling in the wind and falling from the trees. Colors that delight our senses. All these things conjure up that Autumn is here and Halloween is almost upon us. I have posted a tutorial for a journal page and created a link up for your creations & posts. I hope you can join in~

Journal pages / tutorial of Halloween Witch & Halloween Journal page
I thought I would show you how I came up with my Autumn journal page and hope it inspires you to create one of your own.
1. I colored a orange background with a black frame around it. I painted a leaf. Make sure they are not too try as they will crumble if they are.
2. Turn over your leaf and lay it on the dry painted page. Use a brayer or something else to rub over the unpainted side of the leaf.
3.Repeat this step as many times as you want. Change the colors on the leaf as you wish.
4. Dry with a blow dryer to speed up drying time. Then gesso your page with clear gesso.

Next steps I used was:
Looking at the photos here you will see that I wrote what delights me about Autumn in a teal blue pen. Then I decided to make a witch and you can see how I started her above over the writing. You can see that I covered up most of the writing with fall colors and focused on the witch and other Halloween elements. I took colored pencils and wrote about falling leaves on the right side and Autumn on the left side and various words related to items on the page.

Journal pages/HalloweenYou can see if you are not enjoying how a page looks that you have plenty of opportunity to change it. Just make sure you dry between layers or your paints can smear together and get quite muted and brownish looking. If you don't want to draw your own witch or Halloween characters you can always pick items up at the craft store. It is a great time to find anything to do with Halloween and Autumn. I hope to make a few more pages and share them with you.

Have you created any Autumn or Halloween inspired journal art yet? Mr. Linky is up so you can share your blog posts or art, creations & photography related to this topic.
I hope you join in ~


  1. I love this; I don't love witches....they don't really speak to me (lol), but I do love what you have done in this pieces. The colors are so pretty too! Ps. A cat would have been better ;-)

  2. This is fab art! I love the aliveness of this piece, all the colors and movement of fall. I will check out your tutorial and see if I can play along.
    Thank you so much for sharing your artistic process.

  3. Hi, Theresa
    This is full of Autumn and Halloween ! The colors are great and very alive ! Thanks for the sweet comment on my post :D Have an awesome rest of the week ! xoxo


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