Monday, November 1, 2010

All Souls Day & Dia De Los Muertos

Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead close up

All Saints Day is November 1st and Day of the Dead "Dia De Los Muertos" is November 2nd.I grew up in a family who practiced Catholic religion and have lived in communities steeped in these two traditions. I created this Mixed Media Painting for Dia De Los Muertos and also another painting which will be posted tomorrow.

When creating art are do you look to different cultures for inspiration?

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay more present than the living man.~ Antoine de Saint- Exupery


  1. Love the piece, Theresa!! It's perfect!

  2. Thank you for the lovely compliment I enjoyed making this piece. Manon Always a pleasure to have yon visit me here! ~Theresa


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