Friday, December 10, 2010

Acrylic Painting & Pastels on Paper "Her Aura Was Blue"

Happy Friday to you! Yes finally some art to share. I was completely feeling out of sorts yesterday. My heart kept tugging at me! Something was missing~An uneasiness that it had been since prior to Thanksgiving since I had painted. Really? Yes that long! So I sat down to do some sketching in a small book, then I took a likeness to the girl who was becoming and decided to do her larger. At first a sketch but those heart strings were pulling me to paint! So that I did adding paint, pastels, water color pencil, colors and  layers acrylics. Yes I even ripped my paper but I didn't stop. I almost felt like her tare was right where a tear would be so I keep going and named this Her Aura Was Blue. Today I am easier with myself knowing my brushes are waiting for me to return no matter how long it is, I hope to get in some more painting this weekend. What about you?

The meaning of a blue aura is spiritual, but in the negative it is melancholy or blue. But generally a blue aura is meant to be positive.
Art is only a way of expressing pain. ~John Lennon 


  1. Hello Theresa! It was a breath of fresh air to come by and visit your lovely blog tonight. I loved reading here and there and glad you seem to be feeling better. It is funny that I returned to making art today too and found it such a comfort. Thank you for your lovely blog visit and kind words. When we're having bad days, it's so nice to have our blog buddies to put a smile back in our step. I hope you keep finding time to paint and journal. I loved seeing your journal pages below. You have such a lovely touch and eye for creating things. Have a great weekend and thank you for your friendship! Happy Holidays!

  2. Isn't it wonderful just to paint, and don't you just love how much painting helps our spirits--keep going---she's lovely.

  3. She turned out beautifully! I love that you kept going even though you ripped the paper!

  4. She is so very beautiful and I am amazed by your talent. I've always had a hard time drawing people. i never get the nose right. :)

  5. Thank you Marsha for your kind words! I am happy to visit you too, what are blogging buddies for but to support each other when things just aren't quite right!
    I agree Diane I love how painting can just get your mind and spirit in a different place if you let go and just create~
    Thanks Kelly, yes I just went with the flow. You know sometimes you need to just create & not worry about what is going wrong & just see where it goes!
    Oh, my gosh Kristi you make me blush! Honestly I am a work in progress! Face features aren't easy I don't even think I master them but look at folk art, art in history nothing has to be perfect. What is perfect any way! Oh, realism but that will never be me.
    & thank all of you for your kind words. I am happy you like her too~

  6. Well she is beautiful. I think sometime just pushing through is all one can do. I've been so bad, I haven't painted since before Thanksgiving. I want to so bad, but all the stuff to do for Christmas just pulls me away. I can't think. I know I'll explode when I do get in the studio. Thanks for sharing your feelings. It's nice to hear we all go through similar situations.

  7. Hi Charlie, Yes this time of year can be a challenge to fit in our love of painting. I am managing to make some ornaments & want to bake with Sammie when she is out of school. Posting that on my crafty blog~ But my heart is in painting~ & I must do some prior to us visiting family over the holidays~I don't want the grinch to visit me! lol
    xo ~Theresa


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