Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus Illustrations & Paintings & Coca Cola s Classic Santa

 Mixed Media Painting of Santa I did 2009

 Gift tags I made in 2009 with Vintage Classic Santa

 Vintage Santa Claus done by me 2010

I was so inspired when I happened across this free issue of Illustration Pages 10-13 are with classic Santa s that I love! I was actually looking for more Christmas cookie recipes for my craft blog and when I found this I had to share. Not only for the Santa images but all the illustrators in this publication and information.~ I know you might only glance at it now but it will be nice to look at again.

I also love the coke illustrations. They are some what dear to me as my grandfather worked for Coca Cola bottling co. and when I was growing up would always bring us the Classic Coke in the bottle. He even gave us miniature real glass coke bottles. I think I only have two left & they are empty. I remember they even had Coke in them and we drank it. lol

On CNN recently I saw part of a special about Coca Cola and the company's history. Well they have warehouse full of memorabilia. It would be fascinating to see it in person. They had the posters with Santa Claus and other illustrations,  they keep the posters in big drawers. Well any way I hope you enjoy these images and I look forward to painting another Santa at some point in a more classic rather than vintage style.

Do you enjoy painting holiday images?

Click on the publication to enlarge and view & flip through~

This is an image of a vintage perfume bottle with the two Coca Cola bottles I mention~ So you can see how little they are! 

I came across this Santa Book with images from vintage postcards. Vicki Howard an artist collected her grandparents postcards  and created this book. This is now on my list of books to add to our Christmas books. I love reading stories on Christmas Eve with wonderful images ~

*PS. if you are looking for some great cookie recipes visit my craft blog! Lots of baking goodness this week~ 

Just like the poster! No wonder Santa's so jolly! Nothing like a  Coca Cola soda pick me up~


  1. Your Christmas Santas are really wonderful. I especially love the vintage one you did this year. He is so whimsical, which is so him!
    The vintage magazine is so interesting...many wonderful images in there.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art!

  2. I love your 2010 Santa! He looks thoughtful, like he's considering what to give you this year - coal or a toy :) and I love the way you did his hair and beard.
    And man, those coke bottles are super tiny!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful santas, they are gorgeous! :) I also loved the digital magazine and I am posting some in my ning site for the students to benefit from them, thank you!

    Happy holidays! Moni.

  4. Hi Terri, Kelly and Monica, Thanks so much for your compliments. I hope this finds you in the spirit & having time for your creative selves. Sammie is now on winter holiday & I will be spending plenty of time having fun with this girl of mine. Tonight she practiced her Christmas songs and we sang. Oh, she is so funny speeding up to see if I could catch up with her playing the piano. Merry Christmas to you all!! xo Theresa


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