Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simply Sunday Free Journal Prompt

In this shot I had the focus on the heart of the flower, her petals that were about to open and reach out to our world~

I was visiting a friend Jackie's blog yesterday. She had asked the question when is an artist an "artist"? It is quite a lovely post. I had many thoughts swirling around my head as I read this article, but I had to think of when do I really feel like an artist!? What makes an artist an "artist"?

For me I think an artist is when an "artist" or for myself I am totally immersed in my work. It is almost like the "artist" or I am getting ideas, energy and guidance to help me in the act of
creating. Being right in that moment, feeling the paint, creating with the flow.
Just being in the moment~ For me that is when I think an artist is an "artist" or when I am an "artist"

I try not to compare myself to "real" artists if I did I would never grow into the artist I am~ Theresa Huse

So today's journal prompt is for you to "focus on things that matter."
You could just sit down, create and be in the moment. Or you could make a list of things that matter to you that you want to focus on. You might even just focus on sharing time with a loved one. Or spending more focused time with your child. What ever you decide to do today think about it for a moment and focus on things that matter to you~
I hope you can keep your Sunday simple and enjoy all it holds for you!

Ps Congrats Jackie on focusing on you and things that matter to you by taking a new art class! Spread your wings ~


  1. Your right! Last night after I got finished Sulking about the whole "artist" thing . I decided to just play and not worry so much about rather to use the label of artist or not and I had fun . Also I sat and made a list of what I want from art .I don't need to be a "famous artist" . What I decided I wanted was just something to be proud of to hang in my home and to be able to communicate with a pencil , a brush , or whatever I want with greater ease. So I made a list to remind me that it is not the "label" I seek . I had a visitor on that post that said that being technically good at painting or drawing doesn't make you an artist . Good art is art that has a soul and that you can feel emotionally . I like that!!
    Thank you for your support always :)
    Oh and I am having a Silly Sunday Giveaway , just what is needed to lighten up . Make sure to sign up . Thank you again for your wonderful support and reminding me to focus on what matters.

  2. Thank-you for dropping by my blog to say hello. Photography is something I struggle with so I am so happy to have found you...I can use ALOT of tips! lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your photo captured me! And your blog embraced me with such powerful words. So happy to have dropped by today.

  4. Great description of an artist!...Christine


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