Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Note to readers of my blog (s)

*note to all who have commented (in the past) : I have sent out emails in response and found out that some were undelivered! To anyone who has left a comment and thought I haven't responded I apologize!

I have read and been so thankful for every one's comments and appreciate the time you take to leave me a note or response to a question I have asked!

I will be leaving a comments on the blog & will try to continue
to email all who have linked emails. I found out some of my followers have unlinked emails and weren't getting delivered ( I was emailing all responses previously). If you have ever encountered this you know what I am talking about. & the worst part is not knowing as I email early am or late night and didn't catch that until reading someone else's blog & the encountered the same thing. Live and learn!!

Do you comment on your own blog? or try and email your readers? or do both?


  1. ~i feel your pain! i just went through this a few weeks ago...not quite sure why it actually too me almost a year to figure it out but atleast i did...may your sweet comments find there way now!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. thanks for visiting and following my little blog -- glad to visit yours as well. :) --megan hoover

  3. Hi Faerwillow, Yes it took me way to long to figure that not everyone links up their email. Thanks for the comment and warm wishes! & thanks always being an inspiration for such beautiful writing~ I love visiting you, as will my readers if they visit~

    Hi Megan, so glad you stopped by! Happy to follow you! I love your style and use of color~ To any of my readers pop over and visit Megan she has such a unique whimsical style I am sure you'll love her too.


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