Friday, October 29, 2010

Do You Ever Want A Do Over & A Cupcake?

Welcome to my little pity party:

I could of used some magic! Sneak peak~

So festive with our Martha Stewart stickers!
Happy we actually got them done!

Wish you were here to have a cupcake and coffee with me! Hoping for a better weekend!

I have been a little quieter than normal this week. I had several days with a migraine & just all round thumbs down. I guess I am having a mini pity party today, so hope you bare with me!
I thought it was just me but Sammie was having a not so good week too. #1 indication: Going to school with your jeans on backwards and not being able to figure out why your pants are falling down all day! * must admit I got the biggest laugh from this when I figured out the problem after school!! #2 being so extremely tired on another day that you have a melt down on the way home from school #3 helping your mom make cupcakes and you crack the eggs in a separate bowl but forget to put them in & mom doesn't notice!

My indication #1 migraines for two days straight #2 so drained on third day and all house work backing up #3no creative time #4 not seeing the cupcake batter didn't get the eggs. (all batter in liners back into bowl and try again! +eggs and stir, into new liners) * should of made a funniest home video!

Then today arrives at Sammie's school to deliver the cupcakes. I parked and we walked over, bell rings at the inside of the entry way just as it rings, we were stopped for a tardy slip! No grace period at this school!! Not even 1minute~ Wait for it to be written, go with Sam to class deliver the cupcakes for the party & see her off. That was the icing on the cake for the week! Any how saved you a cupcake and sneak peak of new art for Sunday~ Hope your week was better than ours! Did you ever just want a week done and gone or a do over?? Here's hoping for a better weekend and wishing you the same!


  1. Oops, my comment disappeared before I finished it! Hope you are feeling better! Migraines are the worst. At least you can see the humor in some of those impossible situations! The cupcakes look great!

  2. Thanks Magpie! I am feeling better today but hoping my energy level will be more normal tomorrow! Ya, I can laugh a little more now that it is all behind me!Hope to get some painting in if not this weekend starting Monday! The cupcakes did turn out yummy!


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