Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Favorite Month

Photography by Theresa Huse

One of my favorite times of year is right around the corner just as spring is settled in and the days are warm enough to see a rose in full bloom, hang out the clothes, catch a butterfly on a bush and celebrate family events, such as my youngest daughters birthdays & my oldest daughter getting married.  This year I would have to say my favorite month is going to be May~
What is your favorite month? and why? & if you would like to play along with Inspiration Avenue and their question just visit them.

Sweet spring,  full of sweet days and roses, a box where sweets compacted lie~  George Herbert,


  1. I love Fall and Spring the best; but I do enjoy each season. There is such beauty in each. I love the winter skies here--when leaves are off the trees one can see much farther and I love the winter sunrises and sunsets!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photography Teresa...I agree May is a splendid month one of my favorites too...there are so many great months
    Perhaps we should do a "month you can do without challenge"

  3. Beautiful, colourful and fresh images - they made me smile and are just perfect to depict spring!

  4. Love your photos! They depict May so well. May just might be my second runner-up.

  5. Not only a thoughtful response, but absolutely lovely photos. What a great response to the IA Challenge.

  6. This was a fun prompt from IA & enjoyed visiting and seeing everyone's favorite months and why!
    xo Theresa


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