Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Inspiration Board

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Today I thought I would share with you my inspiration board. It has words of positivity, images that I took of places I love around our coastal region. The pier was taken at Lake Tahoe, CA. and represents taking a leap of faith. And I have just a few of my art work images posted up there. I am wanting to create another inspiration board of artwork *not mine, color, texture and fabric. I promise to share it when its done.

I have been painting every day, mostly in my journal this week. I have a new journal page and illustration coming up to share on Sunday! It was a busy past weekend helping Sammie with creating a how to make a zine from one sheet of paper, for a school project. We did a step by step board.When I get my camera sorted out I will take pictures of the images to share with you. It was fun! I decorated it with collaged images from a magazine, while Sammie did her own. I would love to make another of artwork and print it off.

What creative projects are you working on?  Do you have an inspiration board? *if so and you have done a post on  or have it posted on flickr it leave a link in comments so we can see it!


  1. Your inspiration board is inspiring me to update the one I've had up for 3 years now.

  2. I hope you get a chance to do it! I love creating them~ Let me know if you share it on your blog~ Theresa


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