Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Is Music To My Heart

I was delighted to see daffodils in our garden next to the walk way starting to burst with blooms! Spring is almost upon us! The nights still very cold in the low 30's but warming up to the 70's honestly I am loving it. Feeling the warm sun shining through the windows in the morning as it starts to warm. Then in the afternoon warm enough to read in the sun~ I will savor spring as it opens up its doors and its fragrance bursts in from the smells of flowers like jasmine. I long to see it's colors run ramp-id from blooms such as roses, iris and butterfly bush....The soft winds blowing and to feel the delights of grass between your toes and sun upon your skin, that glistening sparkle. Spring just brings music to my heart~ Can't you just feel spring around the corner? If it isn't near you now in your area may it come soon! Above are two photographs from the early morning & a mixed media heart I made. I have been doing some Valentine crafting.
What brings music to your heart? Are you anxious for spring? I would love to know~

No matter how long the winter spring is sure to follow~ Proverb


  1. Great pics!! Can you please send some of that Spring to Ohio!! :))

  2. And send some to PA too! We still have about 2 more months of Winter here--so sad it is :(

  3. I wish I could send you an early spring. I don't know how you endure the long winters, but I must say I do love seeing the seasons~ Keep warm.

  4. like you this awesome weather brings music to my ♥!!!!


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