Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Goodness and Color Inspiration

Hello friends I hope your week is off to a good start! Mine sure was as I have just received a package with goodies from winning a drawing on Tara Leaver's blog Aquamarine. She is also a mixed media artist. I was so thankful when I received it as she popped in extra goodies knowing I created art. She added some art papers, a handmade sachet, lace, doilies, a ceramic heart, a mini circus tent painting and a package of her art cards! How sweet is that?! Take a peek at some of the things Tara has created. The first two included in my package.

Tara's art cards
The Sweetest Tiny-est Painting

Some of Tara's art for sale in a shop in England

Seven for sale in Tara's Etsy Shop

So if you would like to find some of Tara's lovely artwork  or cards for yourself just visit her Etsy shop, it is lovely!
And here onto Tuesdays color inspiration. Want to get creating in lovely palettes of color which I have named "Lilac Love"? I thought it matches parts of Tara's painting Seven quite well  and as another example of stretching this color palette. I had previously  pulled it together this pallet from this creative commons photography image by D.Sharon Pruitt seen below. 

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography
D Sharon Pruitt
Did I ever tell you that purples are some of my favorite colors? What are your favorite colors? 


  1. I love Tara's art (bought one of her cards which I was going to keep but sent to someone because I wanted to share!) and I love this colour...

  2. I love that circus tent painting and will be sure to check out Tara's blog and etsy shop. Just repainted the bedroom a lovely shade of lilac-it must be in the air!

  3. Sherry, Thanks for stopping in. Yes, I was excited when I found her.
    Sierra, Hi thanks for your visit. I agree.
    Paula, It must be in the air. I have loved lilacs and purples and have it in my bedroom too!
    Have a lovely week ladies! ~Theresa


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