Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Organizing & Newsletter News

Sometimes there is nothing worse than having a repair person come and all you have been doing is creating art or things for my daughter's upcoming wedding. So this morning I spent my morning just straightening up and cleaning where they would be working. "Sigh" Well at least the television area is all cleaned now and you can see the top of my dining table. All is swept and mopped.  So many projects so little time? Only partially true.
 Now this is what I call organized!

Part of it has to do with organization. I know it can't be perfect all the time, but I must find a way to take some time to organize and have things more efficient! Often sharing a computer area isn't easy. I need to organize a desk / office space for being ready to move forward with my Etsy shop. Something like this may just be the solution.

Then I need to set up my paperwork for tracking expenses for supplies, purchases and other taxable information so when I open up shop at year end I am not scrambling. Yes, anyone with a little shop knows what I am talking about!

I just came across this website that has some helpful articles on starting a small business, tax provisions and other information from the IRS.

Are you signed up for my newsletter?

Today I made a decision to make my newsletter life more organized. I decided to use a host for the first time. I had been running my little newsletter myself, collecting emails via sign up and managing it all. It has gotten to the point where it was so time consuming and  I wasn't staying on track. Feeling guilty of not being able to just put something nice together without worrying about doing the rest I was getting in my own way. So I stepped outside of my box while the repairman was here and got my new host! My new newsletter sign up is on the side bar. Thank you MailChimp for making my life easier! I am excited to create lovely newsletters, with creative goodness. I hope you sign up. They will  stay bi-monthly for now and I am going to have a new one coming out soon! * sorry for the delay subscribers, I just sent you information on our new host, watch for it in your in box today!!

Do you have favorite resources when it comes to your art / craft business?  What is a tip you could pass along if you have experience opening up a shop?


  1. I'm signing up for your newsletter! I love being organized. It is so hard when I am not - I get so confused! Hmm, one tip of advice is to always follow up with customers and make them priority. That way you will get lots of referrals! Thanks for your sweet comment and hope you are enjoying your week!

  2. YOU inspire me to become more organized!! I'm going to sign up for your newsletter right now!


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