Monday, May 9, 2011

Photography Time & Central Coast, CA.

This weekend we took some time out for a drive, lunch and exploring on the California Central Coast. This week I will share with you some photography of the natural beauty found around these rolling hills of our inner coastline.

I have a great photo collage to share with you this week of these lovely flowers we stopped and took photographs of on our drive. They are on a bush does anyone know what they are? I so want to find out!

I was treated to a Mexican lunch. I don't know who was happier? Me or Sam ?

 I can't wait to share some photographs I captured while taking a ride to the restaurant the back way on our country roads.You can see we are still quite rural here on the Central Coast. This was actually taken out of the car window while driving, as a passenger that is!

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I came to the realization that this week is going to be finishing up details for the wedding, cleaning up so we can return to a clean house, double checking what we need and packing up for a five hour drive and seven day wedding filled week! And although I want to share some art with you I doubt that I will even get to sit down and create anything this week! But, I will have posts to share with you, from the teaser above! We actually went out on Saturday instead of Sunday.
What did you do this past weekend?

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