Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pink Color Inspiration & Rustic Romantic Wedding

I have been drawn to pink lately, but until I looked up the meaning behind the color I never knew some of its color psychology. Did you know the color stimulates energy, encourages action and confidence? Most of the time when I think of pink I think of its youthful, lighthearted and passionate meanings.

And of course that is in the forefront of my mind right now with having just finished with Laura's wedding. I have a few photo's to share with you and a link to the photographers preview! Laura sent me the link with one word "Wow" and I must say you will be swooning over those photographs too! So when your done with the post hop on over to the link at the end of the post!

* These three photographs by Theresa Huse

Her sister Jenni who was her Maid of Honor wore these pink shoes!

Laura and Charles theme was Rustic / Romantic pink flower swooning

Soft, Sweet  and Shades of Pink / Sisterly Love

Pink is a tint of red, or red with white added to lighten the color. Pink can also go red-orange (Coral) or red-violet (Magenta aka "Hot Pink").

I can see using this palette for painting

After seeing myself in some photos and my dress I have to admit I am ready for some spring training to drop some weight I have gained. I am swooning over this pink bike with a basket full of roses!

                                                                        Source: weheartit.com via Theresa on Pinterest

The whole wedding week was magical, like pink glowing glitter sprinkled everywhere!

 Don't forget to visit FloryPhoto.com to see a preview of the special wedding I was part of. They are very beautiful! Kelly and her assistant Nirav did an amazing job!  Her sister Jenni did the makeup and hair *site in process. 

I made the banners, mustaches and table scape s, place-cards, signs and floral designs. Amy helped with the floral work and set up! The wedding was held at the BarnDiva, Healdsburg, CA.

Next week my color inspiration is coming from the bride's shoes purple! One of my favorite colors!  Now run over and take a peek at those pretty purple shoes, Healdsburg and the wedding preview! Ready, get set, "Wow"!! 

PS.There is a lot more to pink than meets the eye! To find out more visit Squidoo.com to find out more about this wonderful color, pinks meanings, brand identity and more interesting information. Now that I have my color inspiration I am off to paint.  
What shade of pink is your favorite? Do you know a fact about pink? Let me know your favorite wedding photo from Flory Photo.com of Charles & Laura's preview!

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