Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Color & Photography

Today I just wanted to share a quick color, pattern post and a photograph I took in the late spring of apple blossoms. I forgot I took it and when I was looking for images for my color inspiration I came across this in my photo files. (how those files need organizing!)

I wish I lived on a small farm with a field full of apple trees. Someday maybe, I can wish~ Right?

Soft whites pinks and greens make a wonderful pallet from apple blossoms~


Not only does it make for great color inspiration but pattern inspiration. I could spend lots of time making patterns over at Colourlovers with no thoughts of all the other things I need to do around me. 

Over the next few days the weather is suppose to be milder until the weekend and then it heats up again. Oh, how I miss spring already! I am not ready for the July/August heat. 

One cool thing that I have to tell you about is iTunes 31 Nights of Live Music * for Free. You will be able to see all the music headliners for free in real time or later on your computer... Just follow the link to learn more about it! How cool is that? And I have some new projects to share later in the week. 

What are you up to this summer? What is your favorite band?

 Starting July 2011

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