Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journal Prompt " Be Kind To Yourself "

Journal Page and Prompt Be Kind To Yourself. Listen, calm yourself, reflect and  accept peace within. This is what I am reflecting on today as I look back at a overwhelming past week and mishap from yesterday.

Hello Journalers and friends, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get a post out today. I usually try and publish the journal prompts Saturday evenings but yesterday was busy and hadn't written a post in advance. We were working on the yard, kids coming and going....Then all of a sudden Sammie was brought home injured. She had a terrible fall over at the neighbors. A gash in in arm from just below the arm pit to wrist area and scraps all on the upper inside arm from tree branches and rocks due to the fall. She is lucky not to have broken anything, nor did she need stitches!! To see your child bleeding, crying and in pain is very difficult, but out came the nurse in me, calm, taking her inside to clean her up and add the necessary treatments.
Then of course what else would make a little one feel better? How about a movie and popcorn to take the mind away from the pain and of course lots of attention, ice and compassion from mom. Whew! Under control!!

I have to admit this past week I didn't paint not even once. But I remembered this page I made I don't think I shared. Be kind to self! Perfect I thought, I can still give you a journal prompt. The prompt really it goes wonderfully to what my week was like and reminding myself to be calm and loving to myself even when I don't reach my personal art.... goals.

Sometimes life takes you away from your passions a bit, that is ok and we need to be calm about the detours. Honestly I feel like I get a little edgy when I don't get to create a page or have some creativity going on but the bottom line is, I still need to be calm and kind with myself. I know this summer has so many detours in it, but I will try and let you know when I am taking a trip, having to help family, or just sidelined or haven't had time to create art or journal.

On another note about self and loving one's self. I started Weight Watchers since a friend of my daughter's joined and was loving it and losing weight. They were having a special and decided to join. I love how it helps you be accountable to your self in a good way! {points, tracking, weigh in, community, using your own food choices and helping you make better choices} I know not every week will be easy, but I lost 3.2 pounds this first week The good in that is I have reached one of my goals this week, in a big way and starting on better health!

Do you ever have weeks where you can't get a chance to create your art? Have you ever had to challenge yourself to love certain aspects of your life or self? Have you ever had to try something else to help you with your weight?

Journal Prompt: Be Kind To Yourself;
I hope you are able to create a journal page about being kind to yourself, loving yourself or calming those voices of negativity from within. Use stamps if you wish, write yourself a note, give yourself a reminder and mostly reinforce loving yourself!

Quote: If I am not for myself, who will be? Pirke Avoth

Food For Thought: Leather Journal with embossed heart


  1. Theresa- these are beautiful colors! And yes, I get stuck in my art. Right now I want to do six different art projects and I really need to clean my house and pay my bill- argh! Hope Sammy is all better- what a fright!

  2. Hi! Yes, Sammie is much better & her arm is healing well, thank you for asking. I just started a few new journal pages but am yearning to do some fabric inspired art.We'll see what time allows with summer schedule. Sure know what you mean about the house and bills, its never ending. lol really I should put a sad face there ha! I hope to get some time in tomorrow. Happy Creating~ Theresa


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