Saturday, June 4, 2011

Journal " Shes Singing The Blues"

Well its raining here again which is a little unusual for this time of year, but I am sure the garden is loving it. I created two journal  pages to share with you along with a prompt for this week to help you along with your journaling. I must admit also that I didn't do a lot of visiting this week and only two days of painting. I was a bit under the weather ironically, with migraines and just feeling drained. I hope to be up and around the web visiting, painting and even starting some sewing projects inspired from the "Art Bags" post I created!

 This journal page was inspired by wishing I could play the guitar and sing. Sometimes I feel left out musically in my house. The Mr. plays drums, guitar, base and piano. Sammie plays piano and sings. I just can play chop sticks! & a little percussion s. Despite the journal page having too much water and curling some of the magazine image there were aspects of the page that I loved and can draw from when I create something on canvas or wood from this.

The second page I created was inspired from the days before Sammie when I would follow Leon around to his gigs and go out dancing. Now, the girls stay at home and the boys go out and play. This makes us sometime sing the blues other times it's just fine. We have are art projects keeping us busy. I kept the back ground the same colors to have some unity for the two pages.

I hope you are inspired to make a journal page about something to do with music. Maybe what instrument you played, how you sang, who inspires you musically, what music you love or about a time you used to go out and enjoy going to pubs and listening to music. What ever it is I hope your singing the blues in a good way!

Journal Prompt: Create a journal page that has something to do with music.

Quote: Blues means what milk does to a baby. Blues is what the spirit is to a minister. We sing the blues because our hearts have been hurt, our souls have been disturbed. Alberta Hunter ( American Blues Singer)

Food for Thought: This 32 sec. video add for Moleskine Music Journals * makes me wanting to make another video for you & learn more about editing! 

I am glad I saw the add it'll be the perfect music journal for Sammie who is starting to write her own music on the piano.


  1. Theresa- I totally love your guitar girl! I don't think every person depicted in a work of art has to be finished with features. An unfinshed face allows me to place myself into that spot more easily. Love it!

  2. I love the colors that you used! I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your garden!

  3. Oh wow sweet thresa, your journal pages are so inspiring and i especially LOVE that "wish" page. I too wish that i could play the guitar. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  4. Unusual Girl, Glad you liked it & I agree, I want to be her too.

    Sierra, I am feeling better & when the rain stops I need to get outside in the garden and more!

    Jacqueline, Maybe someday we should try and learn! Its never too late!!

    Thanks dears, I hope you have a lovely week, Theresa!


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