Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plans, Projects, Art & Song

Tuesday already! Where are the days going? Passing too quickly as I work on projects, plans and art.

 I wish I could hold certain  days in my hand forever

I just came across this song and singer Mindy Gledhill I love her voice and  this song. A reminder,  I have to remember that no matter what I wish for, no matter if I have to climb, it is about the journey. Life and art are one in the same that way to me. It is always the journey isn't it? Making the most of special moments and even the simple moments. Like dipping your brush in paint and touching the canvas. I hope you enjoy this music video & my message after it~ 

If I had a hundred wishes I would give them all to you~ 

Now I hope you go and take a chance! Live your crazy dream~

 I'll be back later in the week with my color inspiration & more art. I've been working on my great big plans, making wishes & following my heart.  

What big plans do you have today?


  1. Dearest sweet Theresa, time is passing by so fast and it's already mid-week. I wish time could travel a little slower this week. I am loving all your projects and that "Take a chance" painting. Very inspiring! Loving this song too and yes her voice is really beautiful! Thanks so much for such a beautiful reminder of a wonderful sentiment! I'll be sewing, making teas and a huge salad today. Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!


  2. Hi Theresa, just stopping by to say Hello! Looks like you have been really busy. I love your mother nature artwork and pledge in your previous post! Thanks for sharing this beautiful song! Mindys voice is really sweet. Thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring message too!! Have fun making wishes and dreaming. I plan to do this as well on the weekend. Wini xo

  3. Hi Jacqueline & Wini, I am so glad you enjoyed Mindy's voice & song. I hope you grab up those wishes and have fun following your dreams.
    Wish we were all closer to meet up!
    xo Theresa

  4. hi theresa! :) oh, my big plans today are to survive until the kids are asleep and then figure out my life. yes. that will have to wait until this evening!!! :)


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