Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morphing My Journal Page

Days seem to be flying by. I don't know where time is going. Do you ever feel that way? I been re evaluating my time and where it is spent. I created a journal page that took the complexity and detours from my daily life and let it out on the page. Big "me" topics are time management, focus & simplifying.  I actually used chalk board paint and chalk ink for this journal page. My journal page morphed several times.

But, then like my daily mindset and routine right now it felt so complicated. I want to simplify, focus, change to make things more productive. And of course compare less! How many times a day do you come across some great artwork, artist, illustrator and just think wow and then you feel like your work is not good enough?

I have been all over the place in my work and thoughts. Focusing on other things yet in my heart I know I want to reshape things to be more clear for myself. Which in of itself can be complicated! Almost like a puzzle.

Sometimes the page can handle the complexity of life more than you can. Let it feel your frustration, pain and take you away from it when you let go.

But the reality of life is you need Focus! 


And that is up to ones self 

  Full Journal Page Completed

In life it seems so easy to over complicate, carry burdens and feel mixed up about what direction to go in artisically. For me, right now I know I need to simplify, focus and there is no perfect time like now! Maybe you have heard it before from me or even said it to yourself and even attempted to simplify and focus. I don't know about you, but for me it sure isn't coming easy!

So today I am sharing my unedited, morphed many times page with you as I still look for these things within and for myself. I don't know that I am happy with the outcome of this page, but I do know I feel so much better after creating it. 

Do you ever feel like you need more focus? What is one way that you create more focus or simplicity in your life or for your art?

Artist Quotes:

"The further I go, the sorrier I am about how little I know: It is this that bothers me the most," Claude Monet

"It may be that the deep necessity of art is the examination of self- deception." Robert Motherwell

"Artistic temperament sometimes seems a battleground, a dark angel of destruction, and a bright angel of creativity wrestling." Madeleine L Engle

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