Friday, October 28, 2011

All That Jazz

Friday! Paint Party Time and I didn't think I'd make it, but a short post to link up with a group of fellow creatives! Come check it out if you like the link is in the resources page.

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This has been a week of all that jazz! Music and art can be so interwoven. Especially in my house. At my house we all have our corners of creativity surrounding music and art. So while the Mr. is off playing music I got my own jazz going on! If you know me I love music, but can't carry a tune!

So I put one on paper! 

Happy Paint Party Friday & All that jazz~ 

This was created with pencil sketch first, paint, more paint, watercolor pencil, colored pencil, pencil and a touch pastels. I went back & surrounded the silver writing on the dotted journal page with black to make it pop! 

And a cool rendition Jazz metal of Adele singing Rolling In The Deep! Enjoy

"Everybody came. Everybody came to the Cotton Club."  Cab Callaway

"What we play is life." Louis Armstrong

Whose jazz art or music has influenced you?


  1. ahh.. I am the first to post!!
    Happy PPF!
    This is my second wk, and I am lovin' it!
    I think your painting is just so full of character.. LOVE IT!

    Stop by and visit me too.
    xo Darlene

  2. Hi There!
    I really love this piece... the circles and colors... very jazzy... nice!

  3. LOVE this very jazzy piece! Awesome job.

    Love jazz and Adele has such a great bluesy/jazzy voice.

  4. Love your art style ~ very very Creative! ~hanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  5. Great painting! I can never paint men but you've done an excellent job.

  6. Great piece! And I love Adele.

  7. I love your painting, it is totally awesome and your music , ooooyah!! Love it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a wonderful painting.. I love it!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Very nice indeed! I like the subtle shading. He looks like a smooooth operator! :^) Patsy from

  10. I love him - he looks like a character from Boardwalk Empire - fabulous!

  11. I Love him- you've really captured the way it FEELS to listen to jazz....wonderful!

  12. Ah great stuff and I like to hear Adele so good allround.
    Happy PPF

  13. I had fun visiting you ! Julie did you know there is no link to thank or visit you? Have a great weekend! Theresa

  14. I adore Adele! Funny thing I just did a journal spread for next week based on Joss Stone's music. :)Love her too! Great Jazz persona! :)

  15. Okay...your guy reminds me of someone, now I have to wrack my brain figuring out who it is...Love the way you did the final crop.

  16. Miles Davis, John Coltrane....I love the final product. Where was the paint party?

    Hi Therese. I follow you on "The Hive"! I did leave a comment there, but I traveled to your blog to visit so I'm reposting it here!

  17. I love jazz, too!
    Wonderful painting and post.

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  18. So very true - music and art are bound together. I paint very differently depending on what music I have playing. Love how you put the 2 together!

  19. Your painting is very JAZZish! Is that a word? You can feel your joy in the work. Happy PPF!

  20. Excellent painting! Music and art go hand in hand! Deb

  21. This is such a fun 'jazzy' piece :) Love the compositions and cool colors. I love jazz...we did some collages a few years ago about Ella Fitzgerald and they turned out super cool..but that was before my blogging days. Maybe we should do it again! Enjoyed your post ~Scarlett

  22. I LOVE this! Really beautiful - It could be a jazz festival poster! What wonderful inspiration, thank you! xo

  23. Thanks so much I loved seeing your works too!
    Have a great rest of your week!


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