Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Journal Pages Work In Progress

Hello, I thought I would share some work in progress photographs of the journal page "Summer" in the Seasons Series. I have been doing.

This is the sketch from which I began the process of the Summer page. Thinking back to how we would make those daisy chains & pluck flowers saying, "he loves me, he loves me not."

Click on image to enlarge
1. I sketched out the idea. 
2. I have added dark blue for the shadows.
3. I have added yellow for some of the highlights & mid tones.

I usually try different techniques with acrylics in my pages. This allows me to see what I can do if I was to take it to canvas or another medium. I am taking a few more wip photographs to share with you. So be sure & visit to see how it morphs! I also hope to get to editing the part 2 video of how I created the spring page to share with you soon, but didn't want to keep you waiting on a post. If you want to see part 1video you can visit here.

summer list

I really enjoyed finding this journal page. By Elizabeth M. who creates pages in a different style. I just bought a few pens and would love to get some tapes to create a few pages like this. I created this pattern at ColourLovers from the colors on Elizabeth's page.

The link goes to the pattern and palette.

Now I have to get settled back in from being away for 5 days so I can get to editing, thinking of what new to be painting and start the process, along with some new journal pages. I will also share with you soon the "Seasons Series" all together. So much to do and always something needing attention. 

What are your biggest challenges that keep you from creating new pages in your journal?


  1. hello and nice to meet you! I love seeing a peek into others' sketch books. you have a beautiful one!~

  2. I love watching the process of other artists; so I enjoyed seeing your progression on this page.

    Thanks for commenting on My Blog. :)


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