Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Color Inspiration " Spring Relaxed " & "Sweet Hummingbird"

I thought I would share a little color inspiration today. The cold snap has me dreaming of sitting  on the lawn relaxing on a spring day. The buttercup of the skirt, the Bing cherry color of the slip on shoes, blue jeans and grass. A pallet of colors I could paint with easily.  Another image that is giving me color inspiration is my hummingbird photograph. I can't wait to see more arrive with the milder climate.The lilacs and greens in pretty hues. When looking for paints I often go to the store and the one locally doesn't carry all I am looking for by far. So when searching online I found a Golden's Color Chart I think would help anyone choosing colors online. But I will still have to mix my own colors to get what I am aiming for. I also came across a Folk Art Color Chart Chart which seems to have the perfect shades of yellow, green and baby pink! I will be searching for the perfect shades of lilac and green too.  Dear Hubby,  I know I have lots of paints but my pallet requires more options. Please don't be alarmed if I add to my stash! xo Theresa
When the seasons change do you chose different paint palettes? What color is inspiring you lately?


  1. Love these colors! I have changed my palette lately...maybe I am too dreaming of spring. I never used to paint with pink and lately I am in love with soft pinks. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Wow wow wow...I would LOVE to see a hummingbird one day! It's funny - you are thinking of spring and I am waiting impatiently for autumn!

  3. I love the thought of color choices changing with the season. I probably do that, but didn't know.
    I have been catching up on your blog, and I am delighted to see your beautiful journal pages.
    I love how you express yourself on paper.

  4. These colors are beautiful, and that hummingbird photo is awesome!!

  5. i definitely choose seasonal palettes, but i do find that i find a blue for every one!

  6. Julie, I am loving the soft pinks too.
    Michele, We are on opposite sides aren't we! I feel that way in summer too! Fall is my favorite season where I live. Hummingbirds are beautiful.
    Terri, Thanks so much! I am glad you were able to catch up here.
    Diane, Thanks. Sometimes they are hard to hard to catch but if you are patient,hold still enough and have your camera ready you can get a shot.
    Mermaiden, I don't have trouble finding blues either for every season.
    Thanks for your visits, Theresa

  7. I get weak in the knees when it comes to pink. Love the color palette you chose - maybe spring is closer than we think.

  8. i'm definitely going to have to check this site out - it looks great! i love the colors you chose, they all remind me of Spring time! love it! i love turquoise and light pink, but also creams and beige colors are lovely too.


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