Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Nature Photography

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Hello,  Many changes are coming with spring. Today I thought I would share a little photography of things I captured on an late afternoon walk.

 I know late in the afternoon the hummingbirds can not resist the bottle brush it is a stunning plant full of nectar. I waited patiently among the bush edge for at least 20 minutes. Down in front of me swooped this hummingbird so close I could of kissed it, saying hello to me and asking me to leave. I didn't and it decided to indulge any way. That is when I was able to capture some quick shots of it feeding. I must ready my plants in the yard for my dear little hummingbirds that I love to watch. I have seen yellow finches of late among other birds returning.

I am not sure what type of tree this is, but it's blooms were beautiful, pretty, pink with the green leaves in the back had me taking quite a few images. This is only one of them.

 Yes what was barren is starting to have buds. Who was gone is coming back into sight. The delights of spring are upon us. Have you noticed things beginning to change?

I have been sewing lately read about it here: DearCreatives

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What are you working on creatively? Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am?

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  1. Oh Theresa! You are really something catching such a photo of the hummingbird! Lucky you! I have never been able to get that close long enough. I always feel blessed when I see one of those beautiful birdies.
    Your new top is very pretty! What a lovely fresh pattern and print!


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