Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal Page & New Beginnings

Hello again, I pulled out the water color pencils & pastels & fine tip felt pen to create this journal page. Magical beginnings happen when you grow them from the heart. I went into this page with no ideas & expectations, just a quick page to refresh my rusty self. I remembered a flower design I had drawn years ago for a stained glass window I created. I wonder what happened to it over the years? The moves & changes life gives you. Oh, well....

Then I started to write some of my feelings down. I put five things I would like to focus on, not necessarily resolutions. I try to give myself goals monthly. There is plenty of pressure without having to have a resolution for an entire year. Not to mention if things change we need to be able to adjust. Right? I am all about being flexible & in the moment, probably why a year long commitment at this point doesn't feel right for me. I have had plenty of long commitments personal & work.

I have started to draw again. I wanted to nurture something new that would help me in my paintings. I can't wait to share with you even if I am hiding under a mushroom due to my lack of drawing skills. Sharing from a place of where I start & where I go along with my journal pages, paintings & photography this year. I want to re-start my daily journaling, painting.....

I created a digital, super quick too. I have to go clean my art & craft room so I can get working again on a daily basis,but I had wanted you to know I didn't go any where. I am here, just filled with lots to do. I am adding things to my shop, planning & also working hard on my other site for creativity & crafts.If you are interested in a great list of top ten photography tips & tutorials and where to get them from you can visit DearCreatives.com,

 Here is the digital I made.

This is a new year, with new opportunities & unexplored creativity waiting to be nurtured. Envisioning my dreams onto canvas & bringing it to reality is filling my soul; Creating from the place of my heart.~ Theresa Huse 2012

What magical beginnings are you starting this year?


  1. i don't like year long resolutions either...i set intentions. when i do that i always achieve so much more as i expect them to happen!

    your journaling is great...love how you digitally changed it up and put in the quote!

  2. "Magical beginnings happen when you grow them from the heart."

    good morning my dear friend..i love what you said above...these pages you created are full of beauty and color...truly wonderful...may this coming year continue to fill you with more wondrous creative moments...i look forward to the days ahead...be well and much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  3. Hi Kathryn & Brandi, Thanks for your sweet comments & such lovely words too! & thoughts for the new year & creativity. xo Theresa


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