Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday ReMix Deer Painting & Fabriano Papers & A Giveaway

Mid week check in! Hope this finds you doing well. After many days of cold gloomy weather & a bit of rain the sun has popped out! Ya! I always love painting in the bright of natural light and I have some things  I sketched out to work on. Today I thought I would share my deer girl reworked. And don't forget to enter the giveaway before you go today! xo

 This one with my phone at night was better than my camera, go figure!

Yes, practice makes perfect even if she is not! The thing is, nothing has to be perfect.When it comes to finding my own voice with my art, characters it is just that. I have stepped back from taking classes a bit and am really trying to stretch me, organically. Ha! Well, that and the budget right now isn't for taking some. Although I have been tempted by a few. I am going to the library with Sammie soon. I am going to check out some books that I have been wanting to see and practice some illustration. (hope they have the one I am looking for as our library is so small, I miss the city library!! I digress)

{comparison new on the left}

{taken at night sorry about lighting}

So here is how the story really goes....I did really like my girl without her background, but what really spawned me reworking her was a request. I got an email from my daughter who lives in NYC she said,  I really love your deer girl and she reminds me so much of .......So to recreate one that I thought would be just to her liking or hopefully so! This girl has a little more pencil work, watercolor pencils that was washed over parts, lots of color pencil and a touch of acrylics. I created this one on some {Fabriano paper} the feel and touch of it is Amazing! If you use it be sure not to overwork any areas. (Not a mixed media paper, but can take paints, pencils, it has a thickness and depth to it * also don't dig to deep with sharp drawing pencils, not meant for being heavy handed)

her colors are lime green, bright pink, hair red brown

I am going to share what I used and some alternate options in case you are interested in trying this {juicy}
paper! This is truly affordable quality without spending a lot of money.

 Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper
This is what I used for my painting. Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper Fabriano Rosapina White, with a name like that, heavenly! Say no more.

Fabriano Italian Watercolor Paper Value Pack

All I can say is love, love love! 

For all you journalers I just found they also make a journal! This is next on my list when I complete my new one!
Fabriano Artist’s Journal

Fabriano Artist’s Journal

 Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencil Sets

I am also wanting to try these pastel pencils! Who knew? I am intrigued as I am loving pastels lately although I didn't use any in these smaller paintings. Have you used these? More about pencils later! Now, I don't have sketches of what is next as I am charging my camera battery today. I hadn't charged it in a month, woops! But, I promise to have more tid bits soon!

Oh, if you made it to here a little treat enter my giveaway from my other site for Sibu Beauty's Organic Facial Cleanser it truly is Amazing! I got to try it. I will be having another more artsy giveaway in February so stay tuned!! I hope you enter I'd love for you to have the chance. If you want to see more about the products visit my site or Sibu Beauty!

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  1. ~i love her! nature inspiring you at its best...thank you for sharing her with us and the paper as LOOKS heavenly...i can only imagine what it feels well and much love light and blessings~

  2. Thanks Brandi! I appreciate your lovely comments. Yes, I am enjoying my paper as long as it lasts. xo


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