Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Feels Like Spring" Would you like some tea?

Hello glad you stopped by on this sunny spring day!
After a trip to the Northern California Wine Country we are back here in Paso Robles yet another wine area of the Central Coast of California.
I will have to go out and take some pictures for you to see our area! But for now here is my journal page invoking a spring time feel. Ah how it feels great to travel but even better to be home! Brewing a wonderful peach blend of tea and working on journal pages. I have been also getting used to the time change. I caught a glimpse of Ellen DeGeneres and she mentioned: "Wouldn't it be nice if they turned back the clock 1 minute a day for 60 days so we wouldn't be so affected by it!" And "How is that for you scientists?? she said~ it works for me!" And that would work for me too! If you ever feel blue she is the greatest! She is one laugh after another.
The background of my journal page is done with acrylic paints. I first gesso the journal page, paint the background in layers and paste the images on. I have been doing more backgrounds than writing at this point but I am sure I will be filling up the pages.

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  1. Hi,thanks for stopping by my blog. Loving the journal page, it included some of my favorite images and colors. The butterfly looks like it is flying above the table. :) Hope your peach blend tea was yummy!!


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