Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink Friday

Today is Pink Friday for the Schools! Stand up for the Schools! The future for our children and their children depend on it! Go to........ ! The cutbacks for California are suppose to be $$11.6 billion for K-12. This is a huge impact on our school systems. My mom was a teacher for 25years + She was active in the California Teachers Association
( She would be recruiting everyone if she were still alive! We need to make our law makers listen! Audrey gets a newly sewn set of pink pajamas. She is my first granddaughter her mom Krissy is doing an amazing job! Audrey loves her new pull dogie toy. I want a better future for her and my youngest daughter of 7 yr. So Support Pink Friday! And have a very Pink Day, Pink Camellias, Pink Pajamas, Pink ribbons in your hair or Wear Pink to show your support for our schools! And remember some of the first things to go are art and music education! My heart goes out to all those affected by the cuts and join me in taking a stand for our educators and their needs!!

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  1. Love this Picture of Krissy and Audrey !!! Love ou mommy , All your stuff looks good !


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