Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charmed By Halloween

Ghosts and WitchesMy second digital artwork via Polyvore
Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you believe or not it can be a magical time of year. From changes in the season to looking at the history of Halloween for inspiration and a bit of fun. For me I do believe you can do things to improve what comes to you in life. Using vision boards, writing down what things you desire, using the power of intention and positive thinking~ I could go on but, I will do some posts on those topics at a later date. I did this post for several other reasons.
1.To share a web site easy to use to make digital art and post to your blogs. 2. I love Halloween
3. I do believe in the magic & had to share *good luck spell (not witchcraft)

Believe me I am always looking for magic when it comes to using anything tech driven to improve the look of my blog, my posting or just learning more about digital art! The Witches Tale is my first try at the digital work and I did it at (it is at the bottom of my blog) ~ I will be participating in some Halloween fun and will be posting other art and links to those sites so you can join in the fun too! It is great fun to see what everyone does creatively in Blog parties. So drop by soon and see what is brewing~

*Good luck spell ~
Spells for generating luck are important,because they cover most of the good things we desire. One way to generate luck is to compile a "Book of Fortune." To begin, list your blessings in a blank book— striving to come up with 999 things that have been lucky for you. Even in an uneventful life, there are little serendipities—things found, recoveries made. Include emotional riches,such as each relationship you have enjoyed, memories of special occasions, and help you received from others. Also, write down your achievements and other good qualities. When you have counted 999
blessings, you can expect some special stroke of luck. However, your luck will increase well before that, because with every sentence you will be affirming the fact that you do have blessings. You can recite lines from this book as part of rites to strengthen your own spirit of luck. Generating Luck Spell by: Janina Renée
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