Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gypsy Life

Back to painting after a week of being out of town! Sometimes it is good just to drop things and help family when needed and that I did. I wanted to share the progress of a mixed media piece I am working on. I call it Gypsy Life. I wasn't quite sure of what I was going to put on this until I started looking through some old dictionary and misc. storage for artwork. I found the page gypsy and tore it out with the definition and put it to either side of her head. I used pencil, colored pencil, paint misc. papers, stamps and fabrics. I decided to walk away from it for the night and look at the painting tomorrow with fresh eyes. At that point to see which direction or finishing touches I will have for it. I have painted every day since I got back! I missed it. I have a journal page to show you in my next post. So hope to see you soon! ~ Theresa


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this with us! You did an amazing job! I love all the colors and the feel of this piece!

  2. I Love this..gorgeous..what a spirited beautiful soul!


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