Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Wolf Moon Dream Board

Full Wolf Dream Board

I so wanted to see the full moon last night, but rain was foretasted and clouds welling up I knew my chances weren't going to be great. All is well, I know the moon was there and some of you got to see the moon in all its glory wider and brighter than the typical full moon.
The name wolf moon came from the hungry wolf packs that howled at the moon near Native American villages hundreds of years ago. Wolf Moon is also referred to as the old moon and moon after Yule.
Despite the rain I made my dream board and cast off my wishes to the Full Wolf Moon. I continue on my path of creativity and narrowed down my wishes.
What do you wish for yourself this month? Would you like to participate in making full moon dream boards? If you want to see other peoples dream boards and maybe even make one yourself go to
Jamie Ridlers Stuidos.


  1. I love the way you took the seemingly disparate elements and made them whole. Adore the wolf howling in front of the full moon! I think I may have to try Polyvore during the next full moon!

    I couldn't see the moon last night, either, but she was there, nonetheless, smiling at both of us.

  2. This is fantastic - I've tried Polyvore before but they didn't come out anything like this! May all your dreams and visions be fulfilled!

  3. Your dreamboard is gorgeous (as is your blog)! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

    Pamela Sweet
    blogging at

  4. LOVE polyvore and love what you created.
    i second pamela, your blog is GORGEOUS :)

  5. What a beautiful board, full of creativity, inspiration and mystery. may all of your dreams come true!

  6. 2010 WILL rock, love it. May all your full moon dreams come true.. love the blog background, is this new?

  7. This is amazing!! I also missed the full moon due to clouds. I stayed up extra late to try and see it but had to settle for seeing it the night before and the night after. It was still glorious! :) – g

  8. I am late getting around - love your dreamboard! So much creativity in store for you this year by the looks of your dreamboard!


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