Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Organizing My Work Space

The cat thinks she has a spot to play little does she know that it will be filled up quickly~
So much to go through~ scrapbook papers,sewing, kids art supplies misc.
My art table is rarely this clean~ but you can see the table today!
Believe it or not I have since organized the rest and filled the shelves. I moved things from the laundry room I use the most to the shelves to save me time going back and forth. On shelves in the other room put things I use only once in a while. My new shelf my husband found at a yard sale matched my other and both fit in the closet space! He thought I would use it in the kitchen. lol What luck finding a match~ He had already taken the closet doors off and we hung a pretty curtain rod up with some very light curtains I can have closed if I want when I am working or when guests stay in the room. I wanted to give you a peek of what has been keeping me busy~
The topic for Creative Everyday is "Home" for the month of February. So I will have more to share including my inspiration board ( not done on Polyvore, as I sometimes do ) that is hung where I paint and create.
Staying organized when creating isn't easy you are constantly pulling out and grabbing items then next time you look up you are encompassed by inspiration and chaos ~Theresa Huse

God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done. ~Author Unknown
(And artists!)

The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes. ~Agatha Christie


  1. Hi there~
    Just have to say I love what you've done with the place:)
    As a jewelry artist I know how important and also time consuming it is to organize and stay that way! It is a job in itself! You are inspiring, I especially like the idea of putting the shelving in the closet.

  2. Great job on the organizing,I have just finished a new furniture arrangement in my room too.There is stuff all over the place already.I like how you've stored your paint,you can see the colors.I really like the saying by Theresa Huse.

  3. Hi Theresa,what a dingaling I am not to have noticed that it was you that had wrote that quote.I guess I did'nt read the profile very well.Anyway,Thank you for letting me know and for visiting back.


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