Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sea Goddess

Sea Goddess: acrylic paint, molding paste, rhinestones, rub on, gold metal leaf on wood and colored pencils. I had to rework her a bit, but she is finally done and I thought I would share her with you.
The weather here has been storming and now finally a day with sunshine. I hope to get out the camera today. I have been experimenting with color in my art journal and hope to share some photographs with you soon.
What earth elements inspire you or rejuvenate you? Have you tried to create a painting using all one family of color?

Magical Prayer
From beneath me arises the energy of the Earth, my home and my foundation.From above me pours down the light of the Sun and the enchanting Moon.To my right hand flows the strength to control and direct, the power of magic.To my left hand comes the skill to divine and to heal, the source of blessing.

~ Author Unknown


  1. I LOVE that quote by Loren Eisely!!! Your painting has beautiful layers of texture and color.

  2. ~beautiful both painting and words...the colors you used are soothing and her eyes are a dreamlike state...brightest blessings~


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