Friday, August 27, 2010

Floral Photography

Just popping in to say hello. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I took these photographs of roses from my garden prior to the heat wave that sent them away~ I thought I would share them with you today~ I also had to let you know that I started some new painting with a twist to my circus series. Totally different style, freer and back to some bold colors. I am stretching myself, experimenting today. I even took some video on my new phone of my painting in progress. When I figure out the details I hope I can post it for you to see! Oh how I love that today's weather is cooling down so I actually can move around, paint, stretch and breathe!

If you never struggle with confidence, you obviously are not stretching yourself far enough. You are not pressing to the edge of your abilities. In other words, the only way to never struggle with confidence is to play it safe. Play it known. Play it in a way that you achieve stability, but lose opportunity.

TIMOTHY URSINY, The Confidence Plan

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  1. I am glad you a stretching yourself . I also love that quote at the bottom , I may have to borrow that ? May I ?


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