Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simply Sunday "Free Journal Prompt"

I am sharing a calendar I made with you in mind that has my photography and artwork on it. I hope you enjoy it. It is at a file sharing site and will make it easy to use or share. I hope you enjoy it! PS. my newsletter is ready to send out this week, so if you are wanting to receive it hurry & sign up is on the sidebar. It is bi monthly and has images, links and inspiration~

This weeks Journal Prompt* Scan some flowers from your garden and then you have a photograph that you can add to your journal. You could even dry some flowers and paste them in and write a little about nature.
Here is a link to how to capture an image without using a camera from Gardening Gone Wild they have some amazing examples and also a contest going on in October!
I am definitely going to have to give this a try as I love flowers and the images I have seen from their web site ~

Also don't forget I still have a fall link up so if you have any Autumn or Halloween items / posts be sure to drop your link in! I put the link on the side bar for easy access~ Lets inspire others and show them what we are creating.
Are you decorating for fall yet? Creating any fall inspired art work? Doing any fall inspired photography?


  1. Dear Theresa, loving your calendar! It's gorgeous! :) I'm up for some fall inspiration in my creations. Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and love to you and yours!


  2. Those scanned images are beautiful. I always press them or use silica gel. What a great idea I just never thought about! Duh! ~ Thanks, Smiles, Cyndi


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