Thursday, November 18, 2010


Acrylic painting with pastels on canvas-Hope
Close up Acrylic painting with pastels on canvas-Hope
Hello dear readers, I created this painting yesterday after being inspired by the Girl Effect Campaign. I don't know if you read yesterdays post but I was really moved by this effort to help underprivileged girls. It is amazing to see what even a small donation can do to help.

To me the cross in this painting represents the burden these girls carry. I placed hope in the hand to represent how they must feel when they receive the help that is needed to make a difference in their lives. I used acrylic paint, water color pencils, oil pastels and this is done on canvas. I added the Martin Luther King quote on the photograph copy.

What things do you want to help change in small or big ways? In the world? In your community? For girls/women?

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something~Author Unknown
Hope is the last thing ever lost.~ Italian saying
To me showing thankfulness is taking action to help those in need~Theresa Huse

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