Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Heart Snowmen

In case you didn't see the post on my other blog I wanted to share the news. I had challenged myself to try a new medium and create something with Styrofoam and enter a challenge I saw. Well if you hop over here you can see all the details and good news I have to share! I made a full post on my other blog which is more crafty inspired. I hope you visit and read all the details. The posts will be a bit shorter the rest of the week as I am out of town with Sammie visiting family up in north CA. since Sammie has a 4 day weekend.
Do you ever try using other materials and challenging yourself to new things? How often do you try something new?

Snowmen fall from heaven assembled. ~Author unknown

PS. I will have my usual posting for Simply Sunday I pre made it for you twice thanks to blogger!
But since I lost the first one I added some interesting things and also made it a post where you can come back and share your work from the prompt!


  1. Your snowmen are adorable!
    Sometimes I try some thing that is completely out of my zone, and I always enjoy it!

  2. I love your snowman! I like to try other materials. My favorite thing is painting. But I find my self changing it up a lot lately. It makes it more interesting. But I always go back to my first love, painting.

  3. Dearest sweet Theresa, your snowmen are soo adorable! It's always such fun to expereiment on new mediums! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  4. So glad you all stopped by. It is nice to try othe materials but like Heather I. Always go back to. Painting ; glad you enjoyed seeing my try at snowmen! Theresa


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