Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simply Sunday "Her Spirit Rose from the Earth"

Her Spirit Rose from the Earth~

This is a journal page I did after seeing a photograph of woman who was both of American Indian and African American heritage. Her beauty was amazing. But more amazing was my thoughts of what a woman's spirituality looked like if I was to put it into journal page. I found several Earth prayers from the Sacred Seven Prayers and the words just spoke to me so I decided to combine them. Here is one of the Earth Prayers; O Great Spirit of Mother Earth beneath our feet, Master of metals, Germinator of seed and Storer of the Earth's unreckoned resources, help us to give thanks unceasingly for Your present bounty.
Noel Knockwood, B.A. Elder 1996

This weeks journal prompt; is to find a prayer and image that speaks to you and create a journal page from that inspiration it could be written, photography or artwork.
Below I am sharing some links to some interesting history, also of an amazing woman artist and about November being American Indian Heritage Month. From my research I have started a canvas painting I hope to share soon~ I hope you find your spark and create something from the prompt above. I hope you come back and share what this post inspired you to write, photograph, and journal about. I will leave it up for two weeks.

This isn't the photograph I saw and I didn't draw its true likeness of the one I used only an interpretation of it. When looking up the history of Black Indians I found out about this woman artist.

Mary Edmonia Lewis was the first African American and American Indian woman to gain fame and recognition as a sculptor in the international fine arts world. She was of African American, Haitian and Ojibwe descent. She is listed among the 100 Greatest African Americans.

Hiawatha Marble 1868 Newark Museum

Another thing I found out was when researching was November is American Indian Heritage Month to find out more visit the Smithsonian Education site and to see some videos related to contemporary American Indian art and other subject click here.
On YouTube there are many beautiful videos full of Native American Music and Imagery. Here is one example~

Don't forget to have a wonderful and inspired week and I hope you find the time to create something and drop back by to share your link with us! ~ What have you created inspired from a period in time or history?


  1. Lovely work T and great prompt!

  2. I found your gold on your St. pretty! I am enjoying your paintings..and your little snowmen...thanks for coming to see me today. I look forward to visiting more. What a thoughtful and interesting post today with your lovely painting.

  3. is that working adding ads to your blog???I would like to

  4. What a great post today. To remind me that it is Native American month. That will be in my thoughts and will inspire me. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments. I am glad you are inspired by the post/prompt. Yes Deirdra she is one piece, Memories is another and then I have a few more with gold leaf & or just gold paint. I sent you all emails. Sorry this is late~ Hope you are having a creative week. ~Theresa


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