Friday, January 14, 2011

Work In Progress & My day

I just thought you might like to see a little work in progress of an acrylic painting on canvas I am doing. I have been painting a least a few hours a day. I am playing with style, color and pushing my drawing. I was inspired by a quote I found and thought was so simple yet beautiful. I will wait to share it when I post my final photographs for you from the work in progress. Yesterday I had one huge migraine by the end of my day and wasn't feeling quite up to par. Sure thing when I took my temp. a little fever. Today I am feeling better and back to painting. Happy to report that the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, I am hearing my chimes outside and I am letting go of the house work today. Paint, rest, pick up the kiddo from school and reading will be it for the day. I hope to soften the blow to hubby, yes another day of un done! But, maybe I can manage to cook the chicken in the oven for dinner? He did get us dinner last night when I was really not feeling well. Do you find it hard to let go of things? Even when you are under sick?  & Don't you just love wind chimes?
I wanted to share a png sound clip of the most amazing wind chimes but I couldn't figure out. So I found this on you tube and I hope you enjoy it. its short, but sweet and makes me want to visit Arizona again!
Reminding myself to Relax & listen  


  1. Sounds like your Friday was the perfect day. We have no sun here--just wind mixed in with lots of snow :(

  2. Love your paintings..
    Look forward to seeing you on facebook too!

  3. It sounds like you did have a lovely day - sunshine and painting. Perfect! Hope you are feeling totally better now!

  4. I am on the mend from being under the weather.Oh, Diane hang in there spring is around the corner!
    See you on FB Deirdra! Yes, it was a lovely day of rest and painting~ Thanks for stopping in ladies!

  5. what a lovely peaceful blog you those chimes and the painting with the moon looks lovely


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