Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Furry" Friend and Studio Cat

This is our family kitty Jade and a portrait I took of her last year.
She likes to help me craft.
How much did you say you need?
OK got it, let me hold it for you while you cut it.
We did a great scrapbook page.
Whew I am ready for a nap now!
Ready for action again says our furry friend Jade. I hope you had fun meeting her.
Furry friend, Family Pet, Studio Cat

This week I have played along with Inspiration Avenue's prompt Furry. So I thought you might like to meet Jade aka my studio cat, but don't tell Sammie that! Really Jade thinks Sammie is her mom and when she gets home from school I have to loan her out. Jade is so attached to her that she cries when she goes to play with her friends. She is a sweet heart. I never thought I would like an indoor cat. I had had farm cats way back when we lived out of town. But she has really grown to make us rethink what a cat and furry creature can mean to someone. Maybe I will take the time to paint her some day or have my brother who does animal portraits do one for me. He is an amazing artist, but that is a post for another day! PS. If you didn't know it I share my crafts on my other blog Msartist Sew Crafty.blogspot
Do you have any pets? How much joy do they bring you? Have you ever done an animal portrait?


  1. Thanks for the adoreable photos of Jade! I am a long time cat lover but am allergic so don't have them any more. My husband is a dog person so we have four...well HAD four...the oldest just died two weeks ago, very sad but it was time. We said tearful goodbyes and hugged and kissed him. He was calm and accepting. My cats, when I had them, especially liked to "help" me sew - running across the fabric as I had it laid out to be cut, getting messed up in my threads and yarns and sitting in my lap while I attempted to work the sewing machine. Good memories. I do paint pet portraits.

  2. Jade is gorgeous! also very helpful it would seem!! :)
    I love oriental cats! We had one for a while and she used to jump up on my shoulders at any random moment giving me the hugest of frights. She used to love sitting on our ponies backs in the paddocks too.

  3. Jade is gorgeous! And what a great helper! My first cat was a Siamese, they are so elegant.

  4. Gorgeous helper- I LOVE that first image of him in the tree! I have couple of feline helpers too :)

  5. Jade is a furry gem for sure! Love all your journal pages too :)

  6. Jade is lovely and so helpful by the looks of it. Yes I am a big cat lover. We now have a nine month old tuxedo/Felix cat who is full of character and impossible not to love. He's also very tolerant with children which is a good job in this house! I have a photo portrait of him peering down from a tree very like this one of Jade.

    Kat :-)

  7. Oh my. I think Bleubeard is in love. Well, as much as he can be (grin). Looks like Jade is having fun helping you in the studio. I love your photographs. They are simply stunning. Great furry IA challenge entry.

  8. Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by! So glad you could meet Jade, AKA my studio helper!
    Great fun playing along with the IA group~
    Have a wonderful week, Theresa


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