Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photography , Photo Shop and a "Collage of MoonStone Beach "

Hello friends, I have quite a few photographs to prepare for you from our trip over to Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA. I wanted to share a few I have ready in a collage. I am busy trying to dip my toes in the water of Photo Shop and master some of the adjustments, soon textures and layering that the program can offer anyone who takes photos. Here are some examples of what I have been practicing on.

From The Darkness There Comes A Light
The first one is done with a pin light adjustment on text 

This one is with text faded, Sammie liked it better. It doesn't detract from the image, but its harder to read. Sammie says she can read it just find. Do you have you contacts in? Hmm, you can choose which one you like better. I wonder if there is something in between? lol As you see its a matter of knowing / or in my case playing until you find what works or a combination of both. The quote I wrote to go with an image I took from our beach trip and I learned how to add on a layer of text. I wrote another quote to go with it too, but I'll share it on another day.

Beauty in Living Color

Then I also learned how to crop, re size and again add text with fade.  These are my first two images I altered with Photo Shop while experimenting with what I am learning. So if you find me a little busy the next week or two this is why. I am learning how to make my images better and add some creativity to them at the same time. I love being able to enhance an image. There is a lot to remember as the Photo Shop offers so much, but if I gain the slightest bit more knowledge I will be thankful and who couldn't use a little more eye candy?  I only have a trial Photo Shop that goes with the class, but I hope to get a newer version someday.
Have you tried Photo Shop? What Photo Programs do use use? What are your favorite free programs?


  1. You are doing a great job! That is something I want to get into!! Love it!

  2. Hi, Theresa ! Thanks for lovely comment on my painting ! When I took Fabulous Faces class with willowing, she did go through the 3/4 portrait as well as profile one. In her other classes, she also goes through doing faces in different angle. I had a photo as a reference and just let my hand flow on the paper =)
    I really love the quote and it is the most ultimate truth that from the darkness come the light ! I also used to use photoshop trial versions. Now I don't do much, so I use GIMP and Paint.Net which are freewares. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful weekend ! xoxoxo

  3. Definitely worth trying Heather!
    Hi Sung-Hee, thanks for letting me know. Love using free stuff too and I limp along learning Photo Shop
    lol. I am glad you liked the quote!


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