Friday, February 18, 2011

Photography Faded

Oh hello friends! Yes I have been spending quite a bit of time on the computer with Photo Shop. But since I haven't mastered it some of the work was done via Picnik. Like the first image. I just put overlays of faded text and added the brick background to my image. The second image I did in Photo Shop it was quite bright and the white flowers just pop but since I am playing along with Inspiration Avenues prompt Faded I gave it a faded overlay. And the third image I just took most of the color out and again faded it. So today I am feeling since its pouring rain here and I am on computer overload, I just might have to paint this afternoon and take a break from the computer!
Oh and a bit of news I am excited to say I have done a blog redo with the help of  Kaelah. So if you read this blog from a reader or just haven't visited in awhile from other places I hope you pop on over and let me know if you like it! More news and changes coming soon!
Oh and speaking of favorite faded item is my jeans.  What is your favorite faded item?


  1. Love what you have done. I LOVE playing in Picnik and really want Photoshop! Which one do you have? all the different types confuse me!

  2. Theresa, I love your new blog! So cheerful and artsy! Well done.
    And it loads so much better! I think it will be easier for visitors to leave comments.
    Your photoshop art is lovely, it really reminds me of photos I took in the 70's. My favorite is the flowers and butterfly.

  3. Really cool how the first one looks like it's been drawn on the wall - pretty graffitti!

    I just love playing in photoshop - I lose hours!!

  4. Hi Michele, I have a trial version of CS. I hope to get a full blown version. I love Picnik, but I also want to learn Photo Shop.
    Thanks Yvonne!
    Yes Terri, I agree it should load faster and I am so glad you like it! I almost emailed you when we were installing it. lol Yes, I love that retro vintage feel to the photos.
    WriteStuff I did that one in Picnik which has lots of overlays. I am excited to learn about textures in Photo Shop! Opening up a whole new playing field! Happy Weekend to you all~ Theresa

  5. After all that fading... were you feeling just a little faded? Painting with vibrant paints probably brought you right back to vivid life!

  6. you are doing a wonderful job at photoshop - just keep practicing and you'll be great before you know it! ;) i hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend and stay warm with all of the rain!

  7. My favorite is the first one, I love butterflies and butterfly bushes and the way you created a contrast between naute and the kind of graffiti like background really speaks to me!

  8. The computer is a fun playground for art. I like Picnik and wish I had photoshop.I enjoy these challenges from IA. Lots of interesting entries.I like all of yours.

  9. Love your pics and what you have done with them. I want Photoshop as well, but like Gemma, I use Picnik. I am afraid of photoshop as I have so little time now and I know it is fabulous! Very lovely submissions!

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I had fun playing with IA prompt faded. I am going to keep trying to master PS even if it takes a bit.
    Have a lovely week. ~Theresa

  11. That first image is so imaginative. I love the way you've blended the images & words. Very clever.
    Your blog looks great!! Really professional, creative, light & welcoming.

    My favourite faded thing?......May be the old, faded very comfortable jeans I am wearing right now. Or some of the old photos I've inherited from my Grandad showing him during WWII. Yep would have to be the photos :-)

    Kat :-)

  12. Hi Kat, Yes I would have to agree. Although I said faded jeans, those photographs from the grandparents are right up on my list too. Lovely heritage and memories. Have a lovely week. ~Theresa


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