Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Angel "She Gave Me Her Wings"

Hello friends and new followers! I thought I would share the angel acrylic painting that was inspired from my journal page.

 I created this angel's piece in the purple and rose color palette. On the bottom of the acrylic canvas I wrote "her voice was in my heart, she gave me wings."

 Sorry about the color on this one taken for close up and exposure isn't the best

If you look closely at the top *first angel photo you can see there is mixed media papers are all across the top of the canvas of this angel acrylic painting. Also the right angels wing in painted on paper that is glued to the canvas. On this image you can see where the paper was laid on the canvas and I placed her wing on the purple angel.

Today without loading my image to COLOURlovers  I tried to match the acrylic painting palette. I thought I might like to make some designs for fabric from the angel color palette. I will post what I come up with later. I did make one design with the three lightest colors but want to make a few with all the colors combined.

If you missed my free journal page post "She gave me wings" it is right here and you can learn the inspiration behind this angel painting. I will post the angel images in full size on my Flickr page so if you want to take a better look at the full size image hop on over when you are done, but they won't be up until later today.You'll be able to see more of the details of the angels and their wings there.

Please don't forget to post on what day you would enjoy the journal prompt if I change it. Poll is on the side bar. I am trying to figure out a better schedule as life is getting busier while I am on this journey. Sammie has a science fair, talent show and book report where I have to help her make a puppet. here is also wedding stuff going on (my oldest is getting married!), some baby showers, Easter, then the wedding! Yes, that time of year. Not to mention new things right around the corner! More to come about that later. PS.  I think the puppet part will be fun, but she wants to do life science and hatch brine shrimp. Hm-mm....That one is for hubby. I love science but not that project! lol

I must admit have been painting but, not enjoying the results. I will try and be brave and share them any way later on. Hopefully I can get creative with my acrylic painting and create something I like and don't struggle with! But when you are pushing ideas that frustration can be common right?  I hope you are finding the time to get creative! What projects are you working on right now? I would love to know~

When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings nor fell the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts. Author Unknown


  1. Beautiful painting! The color palat is perfect!

  2. Oh my Goodness--what a wonderful painting!!

  3. Hi Heather, Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comment!
    Hi Diane, Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    Glad you both liked it! xo Theresa


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