Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Journal Prompt and Journal Page

This week I am showing you an example of how I incorporated layered paper into my page. Not lots of layers but just elements that fit in a section.On my page here her wings are of paper and the flower is painted on added cut out paper then adding other layers of paint. To make the house I first drew it in pencil and sketched the angel around it later. I painted the background and then the angel. I written all the words you see inside the house with colored pencil and on the side of the house with charcoal pencil and white color pencil.This was actually where I started my page from.
"She is not alone" was created as a reminder to myself to nurture my dreams and to let them flourish, not give up but to let myself blossom into who I am. When I feel like I can't move forward with my art or goals to know that I have an angel to listen to my fears and thoughts. To remember I am supported in many ways.The flower represents me having planted the dreams and goals that come from my heart and waiting to see them blossom. I just began this page with the house, it just evolved from that and the words I had written inside the house.This journal page is an example of how you can create a page that harbors the essence of your dreams safely. What ever you create just start with one of the elements and let it grow by playing on the page. But try doing a page that only has a few layered elements and has some simplicity to it. 
Do you ever feel like you need to nurture your dreams better? Or have patience to see your goals to come to light? 

Journal Prompt: Add a few layered elements that fit in your journal page. Write about nurturing your dreams and having patience to see them blossom. 

Quote: All art requires courage. Ann Taylor 

Food for thought: The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam


  1. this a beautiful journal page!

  2. Thanks Mary for the visit and I am glad you like it. ~Theresa

  3. OK Theresa you aren't going to believe this... well maybe you will. I was looking at your blog (trying to get caught up on visiting everyone) when my computer dinged telling me I had a new email and it was from you. How serendipitous is that? I love this page and I do believe you have a new header too? looking just beautiful!

  4. Oh, that is serendipitous Pam! Yes, new blog look. Glad you dropped by for a visit & liked the journal page.


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