Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Make A Zine

A while back I said I wanted to share how to make a zine. This is a step by step process that we made to simplify it for anyone. Just click on the pictures, open in new tab to enlarge to take a better look. To make your own zine just try to get the folding process down first. Try it a few times and I am sure you'll get it down.
Then you can work out what images you will use. Cut and paste, draw or use your own artwork via copying or scanning images and sizing them laying images on the page where you want them. Then you can open it up to make copies for printing. There are several You Tube videos on this topic. I hope to make my own video of the process down the road. At the end of the post are two that were really helpful videos on learning the technique.

The zine tutorial layout was done for Sammie's school class project.  I helped her create it for a class demonstration  that she gave the class. She shared samples of  zines we made using magazine images in the zine booklet.

I took a photograph of one of our little zine covers looking at a butterfly perched on some rocks that we have collected. We had made several with themes. They are really fun to make!

 Maybe this is what I need to work on today, as I only have a short time to play around and I feel like I have lost my mojo this week! Luckily I have my post for the journal prompt done already. *as I will be away this weekend. My mind is on so many other things than blogging and being creative. Oh, not to mention filing TAXES! That's enough to scramble ones brain. lol

 So just like the little guy in my zine I will look to nature, the outdoors and a change of scenery in hopes of putting a spring back in my creative step and finding my light!

Oh, by the way creative friends, I am looking for a couple of people to do some blogging guest posts in my absence when I am attending to wedding stuff in May so if you are interested please email me. I am looking for art related posts, tutorials and  at least two journaling posts!!

Here's two videos about zine making, they are different and offer great tips on each: 

Have you ever made a zine or mini zine? Is this something you'll try? I would love to see what you create so be sure and let me know if you make one and blog it!

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