Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Photography

When I am not painting I love taking photography so today I am going to share some creative ways I have taken portraits of my youngest daughter. I love using my digital camera and getting creative and  inspired by her growing. Looking for shapes and capturing your favorite person in various ways is a great way to chronicle the changes, places and fun things that happen every day, on trips or just firsts. Not all these are my best shots, but I am sharing them to give you an idea of thinking a bit about pulling out your camera and taking chances. All the images have a few details.  

* Note I have not taken any photography classes. This is all from self learning.

Just her legs on a swing

Close up holding the rope swing

Think about shapes. The first three images; one round, one square, one triangle.......

One day when Sam was taking forever in the tub. I went to see what was going on. She was making bubbles. I took photographs of her making these great bubbles and sticking her hands in them. Remember in the movie Blues Brothers 2000. When he goes in the rest room and comes out with soap all over his face and called it puff ball disease and told everybody to run. Well, I got some photo's of her doing just that too!  She loves entertaining!

This was portrait was taken at a botanical garden where I had her look through a sculpture

Here we were at the beach and I had her stand inside the tee pee made of drift wood

This photo she is learning how to use chop sticks

Outside I thought the contrast of the wood on the tree being rough and her hair and skin being soft

 Her hands again, this time learning to make goop at the science fair

 This is so she will have memories of the project of hatching brine shrimp

 Close up and colorful with part of her body leaning in

 Swim lessons Just reaching the wall after swimming across

 Close up face shot with a scarf on

Take a picture of the mirror with subject in it,  A hair cut

 Climbing under the hammock, I took images of her under, on and next to with her pet also

Her first teeth cleaning

The more you take photographs of your subjects the less camera shy they are. When taking photographs of children remember they don't have lots of patience so keep your shoots short. Take photographs of them doing activities they love. Whether it be playing in a sandbox, on a scooter, a first bike ride, the opportunities are endless.

Taking portraits doesn't mean you always have to have the best shot, although it would be nice. Take lots of photographs and edit them to your liking. Remember you are also capturing moments, memories and growing. And the key to getting better is doing it all the time, having your camera with you and learning about your camera. I am just beginning to use editing software. Another aspect you can add to your images lighting and textures as you want to get more creative.

I hope this helps you just dive in a capture some wonderful moments. I love taking photographs of family, nature and flowers. PS. with Earth day around the corner you might like to see this post with images of Sammie's first bike and a lovely You Tube Video! From Sept 09 Not Just Thoughts on a Bike.

When your done if you want great tips and to be inspired by great photographs visit iheartfaces. This is a place I just might be hanging out to learn a bit more about the art of capturing the face. Who knows maybe I'll enter a contest there one day!

What is your favorite subject when taking photographs? What is your favorite photography tip or site?

This looks like a good read. Have you read any good books with tips for photography?


  1. My favourite subject used to be our horses...now it is probably still my kids and currently hot air balloons!


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