Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Stretching Creatively" Journal Prompt

Do you ever try and take big steps creatively and after you have attempted you are a bit let down. Almost discouraged as you know in your mind where you want to be yet things get in the way of that goal. This week for me in stretching I find myself seeing where I need more work, knowledge to help me be able to accomplish my goals. It is hard to look at the tools in front of you and not be able to master them in a moment. Whether those tools are your pencils, paintbrushes, photo shop, editing soft ware.......

So aren't the little struggles suppose to make things feel great when they are completed? Maybe. I know from my own experience if I don't stretch and go through those growing pains I am not going to reach my goals. So there are days when I am hard on myself, disappointed for where I am in the moment, pulling my hair out over things not being easier! But, when all is said and done I know I must keep going. This is what I am choosing to do, and without the stretching you might not find your end result.

I must be positive for the little pushes that help me grow. Open to the process, let the ideas keep flowing and nurture them. And mostly have patience with myself and trust that process.

I came across this quote and I think it says it all for me this week. Maybe if I take some time to be with nature this week, step away and come back it will give me a rewed spirit and her secret of patience will come visit me as I press on with my new learning.  Do you ever get frustrated learning something new? What do you do to push through the hard process?  Take time away and come back? Push on, although frustrated? Find help? Read a book? Take a class? Or a combination there of?

Journal Prompt: Create a journal page about your stretching, growth process with your creativity. The feelings you have about it and things that may help you with it. 

Quote: Adopt to the secret of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Food for thought:
If you have an i tunes there are quite a few pod casts on art and creativity for free at the i tunes store. 


  1. Wonderful heart felt post. I know exactly what you mean about being disappointed with results. I usually walk away for a while, and only come back to it if I feel inspired.

  2. After many months (maybe years) of pouting and saying "I want to paint like X Y and Z" I decided it was time to enrole in an art class and actually learn the techniques with a pro.
    Although I´m not happy with my pieces yet, I´m happy that they are getting done.

  3. First of all, thanks for i tunes info! And yes, I know what you're talking about. I'm kind of going through that with Jane's class--it's a bit frustrating trying to learn how to do her type of portraits, and I want to learn so bad, but I'm not crazy about the learning process--I'll keep practicing--just slowly--great post!

  4. Terri, great tip, thanks for your visit!
    Paula, yes I agree sometimes its better to take a class to set you on course.
    Diane, It isn't easy learning someone else's style and then adding your own to it. Learning is a process! If I sign up for Janes class I'll let you know. Thanks everyone! xo Theresa


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