Thursday, May 12, 2011


As promised on May 9th post I am sharing some more photographs and photo collages of our drive on May 7th. You can click on these images, open in another window and see them in a larger scale. The landscape photo's were taken while driving, just trying to get shots from the window.

We actually stopped and I took the photos of Sammie with the flowers on the beautiful blooming bush we found.

I had the Mr. stop the car so I could take photographs of this abandoned car. To me it was like a sculpture in golden fields.

As you can see from Sammie's expression, that this day was filled with happiness and we had lots to be thankful for on this day. Don't you just love days that fall into place without any set plans.

This last photograph is of some orange blossom honey, fresh strawberries and basil our local farmers market had. It had been the first trek to farmer's market this season. I know I am going to have to make it a point to go at least twice a month if not more. Glorious, fresh and organic produce! Yummy goodness.

Do you enjoy going to local farmers markets? Do you ever just head out to do one thing and just keep on going making new adventures?

Meandering leads to perfection. Lou Tzu


  1. such beautiful photos theresa! and such joy in sammie's it! and wow, the quote by lou tzu...i will need to write a blog post on this one! ;)

  2. Thanks Jan, I love that quote too. I am glad you liked the photographs. xo Theresa


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