Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Plans

When Sammie got out of school I asked her how she felt and this was her answer. Jumping for joy. I can't say she is loving the laziness of summer as much as I am but we both agree we are ready for planning some activities and travels. So she is jumping for joy again since we have decided on a few summer plans!


Day trips to any of these are fine by us! The beach, a castle and aquarium. Then a museum *or two, zoo and botanical garden trip in San Francisco would be wonderful to check off this summer! 

The beauty of the vineyards, mountains and being near the Russian River. I think a raft or canoe trip down is on the plan & we'll have the luxury of visiting family in the area. Hanging out, barbecues, horse shoes, and a little shopping and a lot of catching up. 
Another family trip to visit my brother & his family in South Lake Tahoe, CA. We always make a trip or two to the beach for kayaking. Plenty of outdoor activities and this year we get to see his new addition to his home an art studio! I am jealous? hm... I'll try not to be!!  & hope we get to play with paints. We also love to get out the telescopes and view the stars and planets there are no city lights which make it amazing!  

Lots of hiking in Tahoe and when back around our coast line. That should be fun! I'll bring my camera and snap wild flowers and nature. I promise to share.

There will be plenty of swimming when the pool opens here in a week & where ever we find water! No fancy trips, but summer plans that will take us here and there. Visits with family long over due. Lots of outdoor and fun activities! Swim lessons too. And of course a bit of art in between it all~ 

What are your summer plans? Are you finding time to create art around them?


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  1. It sounds like it will be an exciting summer !!! I need to plan out too... not good with planning and I never really had time being a single mom with 2 kids.. gotta really enjoy this summer though =) My girls school don't end until the end of June.. so still got time to plan... Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!


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